Meet the Owner

Hi my name is Chaney but you can call me C.J. I'm the sole owner and operator of Tempe Handyman Pro LLC.
My passion and motivation for doing all that I do is to provide an exceptional finished product that homeowners and households can be proud of. Your home is your temple, and having a convenient,and beautiful place to rest, and relax is my mission and promise to you.
At the end of the day, I understand that I'm working to make people and their loved ones feel comfortable and potentially inspired to share their place of residence. The attitude that I bring to all my clients and projects is one of reverence for their dreams and wishes to be fleshed out and brought into form.
I've had several years experience working in the trades and directly with homeowners. Most notably I served as a residential electrician as well as a contractor for commercial businesses and home remodeling companies. I enjoy the human element to my work as much as I do finding solutions, fixing problems, and bringing client's dreams to life.
Growing up in Tempe, Arizona with my 3 brothers and single mother I was always helping out around the house. Fixing leaky pipes, drywall repairs, yard work, painting, auto repairs, etc. I feel a great sense of purpose and belonging here with family, friends, and the greater Tempe community. I've seen the magnificent town built up and transform from a quiet, sprawling, college town to a bustling city with high rises and high density population growth.
It is a personal honor and duty to serve my neighbors and bring about a thriving, successful community built on respect, trust, and understanding.